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The often painful decision to divorce can have lasting effects on a family, its finances and future.

Even after a divorce, problems can arise, such as a parent's relocation outside Virginia or a job loss that impacts support obligations, just to name a few.

At Wesley D. Wornom, PC, we work personally and directly with clients from all walks of life, in all aspects of complex financial, taxation and accounting issues that arise during a divorce. We also extend quality representation to military members, spouses of military members, federal employees and spouses of federal employees in matters related to taxation, military retirement, FERS, CSRS and TSP plans.

Wesley D. Wornom is a skilled, versatile family lawyer whose more than 35 years of experience can benefit anyone struggling with issues of child custody and visitation, child support and alimony, and distribution of property during a divorce or military divorce.

The Wesley D. Wornom, PC, law firm also offers quality legal services when the need for a retirement order arises, a custody or support modification becomes necessary and when same-sex couples seek guidance for their unique family law issues.

Regardless of your urgent legal need, you receive customized representation tailored to suit your specific situation. Mr. Wornom is available to you throughout the legal process — for honest answers to your questions, thorough explanations of the law and comforting guidance that gives you confidence to move on with your life. In child access matters, his recommendations reflect a deep belief in "best interest of the child," to minimize the negative impact of divorce on children and help both parents maintain prominent roles in a child's upbringing.

Experienced Divorce And Family Law Solutions For Northern Virginia

We invite you to read the glowing reviews from many of our satisfied clients — then contact Stafford County attorney Wesley D. Wornom to secure an initial consultation. Conveniently located next door to the Stafford Courthouse, our law office can be reached by phone at 540-659-1958 or by email message.