Understanding Military Pension Division in Divorce

Posted by Wesley D. WornomOct 19, 20230 Comments

Understanding the implications of military retirement orders entered before divorce is finalized is crucial in ensuring a fair division of assets and protecting the rights and interests of both parties involved. The jurisdiction for dividing a military pension in a divorce is determined by federal law, with specific criteria that must be met. The "frozen benefit rule" introduced by the NDAA 17 has significant effects on the division of military retired pay. Seeking legal advice and assistance from professionals experienced in military divorce cases is highly recommended to navigate through the complexities and challenges that arise. By obtaining expert guidance tailored to their specific situations, individuals can ensure a smoother and more equitable divorce process.

Howell v Howell SCOTUS Case: Limits State Courts' Power in Military Divorces Including Veterans Disability Payments

Posted by Wesley D. WornomOct 16, 20230 Comments

A 2017 United States Supreme Court case, Howell v. Howell, generally prohibits any state court in Virginia or elsewhere from orordering a former military member to reimburse their ex-spouse if the ex-spouse's share of military retirement is reduced to allow the military member to claims veterans disability payments.

What a QDRO can do for you

Posted by Wesley D. WornomJan 20, 20130 Comments

Virginia residents getting divorced should understand the potential tax implications of various aspects of their divorce settlements. Couples in Virginia understand that loss is a part of getting divorced. The losses that can be experienced touch virtually every part of life from the emotional t...