If your decision to divorce means that you and your children are facing an uncertain future, the sound counsel of a skilled, compassionate attorney can help you move past this crisis — toward a brighter tomorrow.

Wesley D. Wornom, PC, in Stafford is your home for a large law firm experience and small law firm attentive service throughout the divorce legal process.

Wesley D. Wornom's more than 43 years of successful service, comprehensive knowledge of divorce law and commitment to individualized personal attention have made a positive difference in the lives of many Northern Virginia residents.

Mr. Wornom's versatility can lead you and your loved ones to favorable outcomes by participating in mediation, negotiation of a broad range of divorce issues, and divorce litigation in court when necessary.

Are you at odds with your spouse over the right to custody of a child or availability for regular visitation? Has the loss of a job affected your ability to pay child support or alimony? Is a battle over ownership of significant assets and property delaying your divorce?

Wesley D. Wornom's business and financial background increases your chance of obtaining solutions for complex financial, taxation and accounting issues that arise during a divorce. He also extends quality representation to military members, spouses of military members, federal employees and spouses of federal employees in matters related to taxation, military retirement, FERS, CSRS and TSP plans.

Divorce Attorney Wesley D. Wornom: Attentive Legal Guidance For Stafford County Clients

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