Retirement funds and benefits can be a bargaining chip during and after a divorce. Typically, divorcing spouses are entitled to receive a share of retirement savings in the event of divorce.

Did you and your employer contribute to a retirement plan during your marriage? Are you concerned that money you have saved for retirement is at risk during the divorce you are pursuing?

In Stafford County and Northern Virginia, the experienced retirement benefits lawyer who protects your rights before, during and after a divorce or military divorce is Wesley D. Wornom of the Wesley D. Wornom, PC, law firm.

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Serving Divorced And Divorcing Couples In Northern Virginia

In Virginia, the marital share of a retirement plan is the amount that accumulated during the marriage, until the date of final separation. Division of a retirement account (a pension, profit-sharing plan and 401(k)) requires the use of a qualified domestic relations order (a QDRO) that is separate from a divorce decree. When approved by the plan's administrator and signed, the QDRO becomes an official court order and distributes your share of retirement funds.

Service members undergoing a military divorce are subject to completely different, and often complex, rules because of the federal government's role. Wesley D. Wornom can consult with you regarding laws affecting military retirement pay.

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