Same-sex couples married in other states — and now seeking a divorce — are entitled to the same quality family law services as conventional, heterosexual couples.

The issues involved are basically the same, and can be worked out with mediation, skillful negotiation or litigation in court if necessary.

When precious rights to ownership of significant assets and property, and opportunities for child access, are at stake, the Stafford County attorney who safeguards those interests from start to finish of the legal process is Wesley D. Wornom.

At the Northern Virginia law firm of Wesley D. Wornom, PC, same-sex couples seeking to end a marriage can benefit from our founder's more than 43 years of experience and recognized track record of success. From your initial consultation to the favorable outcome he works hard for, Mr. Wornom is open to your ideas, receptive to your wishes regarding child access and alimony, and responsive to your need to move on with your life.

In matters of child custody and visitation, Mr. Wornom's recommendations reflect a deep belief in "the best interests of the child." He explains the law, answers your questions and generally strives to help both parents maintain prominent roles in a son's or daughter's upbringing.

Creative Family Lawyer Protects Your Investment In A Same-Sex Marriage

Regardless of your lifestyle, preferences or background, the Wesley D. Wornom, PC, law firm is here for you when divorce and family law problems arise. Are you and your spouse at odds over how to fairly distribute marital assets and property? Your confidential, informative initial consultation can be arranged right now at 540-659-1958 or by email message. Our law offices are conveniently located next door to the Stafford Courthouse.