Depending on the personalities and issues involved in divorce discussions, sometimes there is no avoiding an expensive, lengthy legal battle in a courtroom.

If you feel that your contested divorce must be settled before a judge, Wesley D. Wornom can help. He is a skilled divorce litigation lawyer who has assisted individuals, couples and families in Stafford County and throughout Northern Virginia for more than 43 years.

At the Wesley D. Wornom, PC, law firm, our founder excels at preparing and presenting cases for his clients in court. He listens carefully to your strongly held opinions and respects your goals, responding with recommendations and strategies that increase your chances for success. He researches your case and inspects his opponent's for flaws that could be exposed before a judge. He is a strong voice for your points of view, start to finish.

Are you and your spouse bitterly divided over matters of child custody and visitation, child support, alimony and property distribution? If so, the last resort of litigation may be the only way to resolve your differences. We urge you to contact Mr. Wornom to discuss the details of your case in utmost confidence.

Attorney Wesley D. Wornom Is Your Strong Voice In The Courtroom

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