Is a contentious property division dispute with the spouse you are divorcing headed for court?

Has ownership of significant marital assets and property been subject to confusion because of the lack of a prenuptial agreement?

Are you fighting to maintain possession of a motor vehicle, an inheritance — even the much-loved family dog?

You have rights that must be protected. For practical, lasting property settlement agreements that can bring closure to your Stafford Virginia, Spotsylvania County, Prince William County and King Gerge County divorce, you should speak with the Stafford law firm of Wesley D. Wornom, PC.

Wesley D. Wornom is a skilled property division lawyer who listens to your side of the story and acts on what he learns. His guidance is designed to address your specific needs. He knows the law, knows how to "crunch the numbers" of marital assets, and best of all, knows how to get results for his clients. His track record of success for individuals, couples and families is built on more than 43 years of successful service to those in need.

Protecting Your Rights During Northern Virginia Divorce And Military Divorce

During your initial consultation with Stafford County attorney Wesley D. Wornom, you can outline objectives for property division discussions and describe your right to retain certain possessions: real estate (primary, secondary, vacation and retirement residences, farms and ranches), cars and trucks, aircraft and watercraft, and financial holdings such as deferred income, stocks and stock options, IRA rollovers and bank accounts, just to name a few.

Will you need a retirement order before or after your divorce? Wesley D. Wornom honestly answers these and other questions that may arise as he guides you through the legal process.

Arrange this important, informative consultation by calling 540-659-1958 or by sending an email message. Our law offices are easy to get to, conveniently located right next door to the Stafford Courthouse.