"The workman is worth his wages"

Divorce is a wrenching process, and it takes a strong and smart person to get through it intact, especially if the person who promised to love you forever has suddenly become a slippery enemy who wants to walk away leaving you with nothing. When this happened to me after 30 years of marriage, I prayed for the right attorney to help me. I chose Wesley Wornom, and I am glad I did. The Bible says, "Be wise as a serpent, and innocent as a dove." It also says, "The workman is worth his wages." Let these words guide you. All of the choices you are about to make will impact your future. Do your homework. Read Fair Share Divorce by Kathleen Miller or other books like it. Figure out what you want and need. Gather your friends and family for emotional support, and join a counseling group like Divorce Care. Then, if you ask Wesley Wornom to represent you, take control of your emotions and be ready to get down to the tough business of divorce. What this counselor will do, if he agrees to take your case, is become your strong legal advocate. He knows people, he knows Virginia Family Law, he knows finances, and he knows how to win. Years of experience have given him the expertise to be able to see through the crafty wiles of a serpent who once was your spouse, who has now turned on you to deceive you and leave you with nothing. Wesley Wornom is not cheap. But, he will work hard for you, he is worth his wages; and I am glad he agreed to take my case.

– Woman in Stafford, VA